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None of This Is True Cover

This Month's Book: None of This Is True

On her 45th birthday, popular podcaster Alix Summer meets Josie Fair, her "birthday twin," at a pub. Their paths cross again by chance outside Alix's children's school. There, Josie, a regular listener of Alix's podcast, reveals she's facing major life changes and proposes herself as a subject for Alix's series. Despite unease, Alix is drawn into Josie's enigmatic world and continues the podcast. As she uncovers Josie's dark secrets, the situation escalates. Josie disappears, leaving a disturbing legacy: Alix and her family are now central to a true crime podcast, their safety in peril. The burning question persists: Who is Josie Fair, and what chaos has she caused?

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A Man Called Ove Cover

A Man Called Ove: A Heartwarming Tale

A beautiful story of love, loss, and unexpected friendship.
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Book Lover Cover

Book Lovers

Paired with: The Sunshine Falls Cocktail.

Serve this cocktail in a rocks glass to emphasize its grounded yet complex nature. The combination of bourbon and sweet vermouth, enhanced with orange bitters, creates a drink that is warm, inviting, and slightly unexpected, much like the journey in "Book Lovers.

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